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About Saphire Studios

Who is Saphire Studios?

Who Are We?

Saphire Studios is a Minecraft build team. Founded in early 2017, Saphire Studios started with a select few friends that shared the same passion for art. Various mediums and ideas clashed. Once united in our newly founded medium, Minecraft, everything changed. We pour our ideas plus your visions into a minecraft build created unique for you. We make sure to keep your vision, interests and ideas while also putting our own “Saphire Studios” twist to it. Saphire Studios standing by our motto actively expressing courage and exploration in what may seem abnormal to many, but to us a new frontier. Hard work and dedication brought us here, and standing here today the build team presented to you known as Saphire Studios.

Saphire Studios Background

Our Background

Saphire Studios houses a compact group of dedicated builders that sprouted from a long line of professional build teams. Our team is constructed up of skilled artists from all across the globe. We put our passion for art as well as a overwhelming sum of care and detail into any work we create. We are a team filled with talented render artists, builders, and graphic designers. Saphire Studios turns your dreams into a reality through Minecraft builds, including but not limited to: Minecraft faction spawns, Minecraft lobbies, Minecraft network hubs, and many more builds! We turn simple concepts into creative and complex designs, filled with a purpose. We are Saphire Studios and we are ready to turn your visions into reality.

Saphire Studios Mission

Our Mission

Saphire Studios mission is actively expressed through our motto of "Creativity takes courage". Defined by courage and exploration in what may seem abnormal to many, but to us a new frontier. Creating unique and bold builds, offering a service like no other.


Denny Debruhl, CEO of Saphire Studios
Denny D.
"Today I will do what others won't. So tomorrow I can do what others cannot"
Hello! My name is Denny, but I'm best known as Vialz. I founded Saphire Studios in early 2017 with a simple goal of building with a community of friends. It has since grown to unimaginable lengths that I never thought it would! We are now a Multi Platform team fully supporting the new better together update. We are attracting talent from every corner of the community. Saphire Studios is my pride and joy, but that's not the only team I created success with. I am the Founder of Varuna Builds, my first team. Varuna was the product of a small Xbox community developed into a content based team. Although it disappoints me, Varuna is not the same as it used to be. My hobbies include Youtube, Calisthenics, Football and Art. I'm currently studying Concept design with the goal in mind to break into the video game industry as a concept design.
Soupe_, Head-Manager of Saphire Studios
Chief Operating Officer
"Pleasently awkward coffee snob..."
Hi, I'm Soupe, a shockingly saucy guy with a mediocre mental capacity for socialization with other people, where as I prosper at a greater magnitude in the creativity department spending my time drawing, writing music, or building for you as an artist here on Saphire Studios. If you ever end up in a conversation with me, you may end up just smiling and nodding trying to make sense of my terribly corny humor, but perhaps I'll get a genuine smirk or two as I sip my $6.00 dollar coffee a tad too loudly in my microphone. At least your commission will look nice.
Corey, CMO & Web-Dev in Saphire Studios
Chief Marketing Officer
"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
Hey, I'm Corey. I am a web designer and also a UI/UX designer. One of the reasons I love design is because I have the ability to inspire others while taking inspiration from others just like myself. I like to take risks and go out of my comfort zone for designs, business ideas, and marketing strategies. I believe that not trying like said in the quote, "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." is the equivalent to fear and failure. On a happy note, Saphire Studios inspires me to go the extra mile and work to be the best I can be.

The Team


Lepi, Builder in Saphire Studios
Project Manager
"Building Realism isn't an excuse for Poor Quality."
Hey! My name is Lepi and I'm currently working with Saphire Studios to create creations to sastify whatever your needs may be! I've been in the commission business for nearly 4 years now - and have experience from nearly 10 different big-time build teams. Now, I currently work in SaphireStudios alongside some good friends of mine, including Vialz, Soupe_, Corey, the list goes on. The atmosphere has been amazing as well. I've never seen a group of people so enthusiastic to improve together and to reach a common goal before. In terms of my building, I tend to specialize in anything sci-fi, futuristic, and cyberpunk.
Firun, Project Manager in Saphire Studios
Project Manager
I know I'm wasting my life but I'm not sure how to stop
In my position, I handle the coordination of our minecraft builders. My strengths are widely scattered around everything that affects Minecraft. Besides that, I love penguins, cola and erm fire?
Lele, Project Manager in Saphire Studios
Project Manager
Free and Creative Mind
Hey it's Lele, I've been doing creative building in minecraft since a few years. My favorite things to build are structures in general and organics, oversized projects especially. I'm into PC gaming and all kinds of sports.
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
"Building Realism isn't an excuse for Poor Quality."
Hi I'm Niche, mainly I enjoy terraforming and fantasy style builds, but I also enjoy messing around with a bunch of other styles. I've been playing Minecraft since it was in Beta, and am one of the millions of Children who are related to that unnamed man who owns Microsoft. If you don't pay me to build for you, I'll 420noscope you.
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
The_Niche, Builder in Saphire Studios
Titri, Builder in Saphire Studios
I've learnt the program no one wants to learn
Hey there! I'm T-3 and ever since I was little I loved building modern style buildings. When I first discovered Minecraft I dedicated most of my time to building modern style projects ingame. Oh and also I'm one of the terraforming guys by the way.
Bloodnix, Builder in Saphire Studios
Creativity is key
What's up? I'm Bloodnix, a builder here at Saphire Studios and I have some fun building. Building for me is more then just placing blocks in a cool way but it's also a way to express myself in a creative form through Minecraft.
Miss___Daisy, Builder in Saphire Studios
"What if we are all just blocks in somebody else's world?"
Hey, I'm miss_daisy except you can just call me Daisy! I love the idea that we can use millions of minecraft blocks to make such beautiful Minecraft build that can be considered pieces of art. I enjoy building as well as hanging out with friends, spending time with family and gaming.
Schwabe98, Builder in Saphire Studios
Zhyrr, Terraformer in Saphire Studios
Round in Minecraft? Pshh
Hey you there reading this, how lovely is it to just make round things in minecraft? Beautiful perhaps? My name is Zhyrr and I will try to strafe to the farest I can reach, but the sky is the limit, so we're not there yet.
Jarnemelk, Builder in Saphire Studios
Placing blocks in Minecraft isn't just a thing its a tool for making something wonderful.
Hey, my name is Jarne. Placing blocks in Minecraft isn't just a thing its a tool for making something wonderful. While making stuff in Minecraft, I develop my skills to become one day a architect. And for the rest, I love being in the snow, hang out with friends, play videogames and listen to deep music with a meaning. Oh and I'm just a kid from 14 years old so don't always take me seriously, cyao.
Kyalun, Builder in Saphire Studios
3DMind, Builder in Saphire Studios
Why do I need to write something about myself?
I am a real man. I am not scared of using sponge blocks in my builds. Also I like dogs. So I started as a Bad Lion PvP Pro (No jokes ugh). It was a fun time but after a while it was getting boring. So I then moved on to building where I found my interest. I started building on a friends' minecraft server. I thought it would be a great minigame server. (One week later it got shut down).
Tah2, Builder in Saphire Studios
I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge
Hello, I’m Liam or muuto in-game. Render Artist and Builder. I specialize in Atmosphere and Interior work in Minecraft. I’m active on many graphic design mediums, and have been active in Minecraft since 2016 and started rendering in 2018.
De_Behr_, Builder in Saphire Studios
Caffeine and Organics are life
Hey, I'm Naoko! Minecraft Builder and Organics apprentice! I have a wicked caffeine addiction, I don't talk much so please don't get offended if I come off quiet. I Moonlight as a PC builder, and run an often forgotten part of the community of builders. (We will show you all Pumps fist in air like idiot)
EndlessCandy, Builder in Saphire Studios
Jealousy is a disease, bitch. Get well soon.
Hey my name is Arisbel. I really enjoy drawing, many video games and surprisingly the outdoors! When I'm not building you can find me doing attempting digital art. I hope to see you around!
RainbowFarts, Builder in Saphire Studios
Xbox or realms?
Hi, I'm rainbowfarts117, but some call me Koty. Don't let my gamertag mislead you, I'm a mature, experienced builder. I focus on terraforming and Star Wars builds (search me up on YouTube!), along with a few other trades such as medieval. I work on Xbox most of the time, or on the realms.
RainbowFarts, Builder in Saphire Studios
"If you can dream it, you can do it."
Hey! I am Zriax or you can call me Connor. I've been with Saphire Studios for quite sometime and it has helped the growth of my building skills! It has been a rough time of getting de motivated on and off, but I am for sure getting better and back into building. I am currently trying to get better at terraforming. See you later!


Flow, Designer in Saphire Studios
Go with the Flow
Hello, I am Flow! I have been doing graphic designing for over 3 years now. It is my passion to inspire and create, I love graphic desiging because of how free you can be, the little to no limits, the wide range of tools and even more. I don't talk much but when I do, it is something to listen to.
Maaki, Render Artist in Saphire Studios
Render Artist
Render Artist
Hey, I'm Maaki! I am a render artist and sometimes even an occasional builder. I love architecture and also love eating.
AddictedToMC, Render Artist in Saphire Studios
Render Artist
Rebelite, Render Artist in Saphire Studios
Render Artist
fixy, Render Artist in Saphire Studios
Render Artist
Hey, I'm Ethan (fixy) and am a render artist, I have been building for around 4 years and rendering for 1 year now. I love to render structures and continue to develop my own style. I am currently a second year aerospace engineer, I do all my rendering as a hobbie.
Celestial, Render Artist in Saphire Studios
Command Block Artist
Breathing life into stationary blocks and making them move is my passion.
Hey, I'm Celestial. I'm a command block expert for Saphire Studios. I take blocks and ideas, and create something awesome from it.
Blake, Graphic Designer in Saphire Studios
Graphic Designer
Hi! I'm Blake or C0NFUSED, I've been doing graphic designing for about a year or so now and I find it really enjoyable and a good way to express myself when I am as anti-social as I am and I'm glad to be apart of this team!
Builder Name
Builder at Saphire Studios Minecraft Build Team
Builder at Saphire Studios Minecraft Build Team

I'm a builder at saphire studios minecraft build team