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As a build team honored to be partnered with Minecraft, we produce many forms of content for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, including resource packs, skin packs, adventure maps, and more! We make it our build team’s goal to create unique and engaging content for all age groups and the Minecraft Bedrock community as a whole, aspiring to build a bond with our consumer body.

Visual development

Our team serves a role to create content used for educational purposes for various commercial bodies and organizations through immersive, interactive environments we build and develop within Minecraft, meeting our client’s specifications and recreating their vision inside the game.


Another role our build team serves in the Java Edition community is to cater to various networks and servers, creating appealing and functional game level designs and environments. We work in collaboration with these networks and servers to construct the maps necessary for their server to run and keep their player base locked in. In addition to this, we are involved in creating content for Youtubers and streamers, building courses, maps, and minigames for them to venture their way through in videos and streams, ensuring high quality content.

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