Sumadha Monastery

Experience an adventure as we head up the mountain to gawp at ancient Sumadha Monastery!


Sumadha Monastery is a Saphire Studios team project developed by our build team at the end of 2017. Our goals and ambitions were to present a unique feel, aesthetic visual, and develop a realistic scene in Minecraft. We wanted to influence viewers to see Minecraft as an art medium to open the opportunity for creative and meaningful endeavours. Throughout the projects development, we took inspiration from various multitudes of photographs including ancient temples and sanctuaries. Sumadha Monastery took one week to complete and was showcased through renders from our design team.

The Sumadha is a monastery that was originally a used for teaching the Tibetan Buddhism of Karma-Kagyü. It was founded in the year 12th century. You can find the temple in the area Xigazê in Tibet, China. Under the reign of Yangtsho Buddhists were trained to reach new spiritual heights instead of learning the teachings of Karma-Kagyü. By special favors of the 5th Dalai Lama and the Qing Emperor, the monastery enjoyed a huge prestige that was known beyond the borders of Tibet. The place was well known because the Buddhist Gyaltsen killed King Dorje and ended the Pelgyi Dorje dynasty.

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